Our Story

Once, long ago, under a beautiful full moon, a young couple was nurturing a dream to share their passion for sushi with others. They planted a sakura seed on a 500-square-foot plot of land.

For almost four years, the couple toiled relentlessly so that the seed would grow into a cherry tree whose roots were strong and deep. Every day they nourished it with determination, passion and love, while sheltering it from the bad weather. In the fifth year, the sakura finally flowered.

People began to speak with excitement about the beauty of the flower, and the wind eventually carried its pollen to other areas as well (St-Hubert and Dix30TM), where a new variety, Mitsuki, began to blossom. Today, this is where you will find neo-Asian cuisine served in a convivial atmosphere. So yield to the temptation of the moment: have a bite and leave with a fond memory.